Brand Story

Skeena S launched in September 2014 debuting her first capsule digital print collection. Skeena graduated from the University of Westminster with BA Honours degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Fashion Design and styling had always been a passion, Skeena started designing digital prints after graduating in 2012. Skeena has taken the design world by storm, teaching herself how to make digital prints.

Designing focuses on creating vibrant intricate patterns, inspired by her Pakistani heritage. Skeena S wants to empower women by making them look and feel great. Skeena S is renowned for producing high quality designer goods, designed in London and manufactured in Europe.

Skeena S has an all female production line, empowering women in the work place #madebywomenforwomen. Skeena S is soon to be pairing with a charity to help support & educate women in developing countries. To educate and teach them sustainable skills to support themselves.

Skeena S is available across boutiques in the UK, US and Ireland.